Affiliate Launch Marketing

An affiliate launch is when you promote someone else's product or service using ... who focuses on helping people create their marketing and revenue plans.

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What will I learn?
  • By participating in affiliate marketing, it takes a small effort and can produce large results. Over one third of consumers begin their shopping from an affiliate site and understanding the shopping habits, and increase of e-commerce can demonstrate the major impact that Affiliate Marketing efforts can have for your business.
  • Affiliate marketing has minimal costs, but placing yourself correctly within great community of affiliates, even the smaller businesses can compete with larger companies that pay much more in advertisement costs. By outsourcing marketing efforts, it can free up time and money within your company and reap large rewards simply by joining a large pool of affiliates. Forrester’s research showed that 47% of surveyed buyers, were more likely to buy a product that was seen on multiple sites. This fact alone shows the impact that joining the affiliate community can have on growing business and creating more customers.
  • Affiliate marketing allows for businesses to also test the water and gain priceless market knowledge, without making large monetary decisions in a new region. More data and market knowledge, increases the customer experience as well. By knowing more about your businesses target market audience, and where your business is being generated through affiliate participants, it gives more insight and enables you to make choices that will overall help the end consumer.
  • Affiliate Marketing can also jump start a company that by joining a group and gaining the support of the right affiliate market. This type of exposure can rapidly increase a new business into the target market and get quick results. Affiliate marketing participants are niche representations of the target market for a business and by joining in this group, the business is becoming widely distributed and readily accessible to a audience that reaches all areas of the globe.

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3 Lessons 00:35:00 Hours
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  • AFFILIATE LAUNCH MARKETING Strategy 3 00:12:07
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